Dragons Get Ready for the Ball

Susanna Porob

Click for a larger view.

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Get Well Soon (afterwards-IF)

Susanna Porob

He gave Mummy the bell to ring, when she needed something.

With so much rest, Mummy got better soon afterwards.

PS: After uploading, I noticed that the colors weren’t as vibrant as they are on my laptop. Here’s a screenshot of what it really looks like.

©Susanna Porob

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Spent – IF

Susanna Porob

The BFFs spent hours, taking care of their new goldfish.

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©Susanna Porob

Here are a couple of close ups. Click to enlarge.

©Susanna Porob©Susanna Porob

I’m going off topic here, but I just had to share the two things I love about working in a Mac (among plenty of others, of course).

  • Alt+G gives you a copyright sign in any software – pretty handy for us creative folk.
  • Cmd+Shift+4 lets you take a screenshot of what you want instead of the whole screen.

Little things that make me smile…:)

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Susanna Porob

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When I sleep…

Susanna Porob

… my mind refuses to shut down. My tourist is just one of the characters out of the sketchbook I keep on my nightstand.

Susanna Porob
I drew this one by the light of my cell phone, in the middle of the night. Yes, very scribbly.
But its there. Its not lost forever. 🙂 The oldest tricks work. Keep a journal by your bed. Its when the best ideas happen. It was a habit when I was writing my unpublished books, and now its a habit when I’m drawing.

I wasn’t able to make it to IF this week. I’m working on the piece right now, see?

Susanna Porob

But there’s been too much going on in my life to ignore, and I didn’t want to rush what is going to be a portfolio piece.

I’m being brave and owning up.

I’ve caught myself doing everything possible to make it in time and then not working on all my other ideas.

Its time to pull out all the notebooks and sketchbooks from when I sleep… and remind myself of my priorities – which is to get my portfolio in place, and keep a close control on the frustration I’m feeling on the journey to doing it.

Back to the drawing board… literally. 🙂

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Toddler Ballet

©Susanna Porob


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Spooky – IF (WiP)

© Susanna Porob

Happy Halloween, one and all!

Stay safe. 🙂

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Transportation Continued…

©Susanna Porob

Yep – wasn’t happy with my Jumbo flyer at all. I like him much better this way. 🙂 NOW, he makes me smile.


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Transportation – IF

Susanna Porob

Click to get a closer look. Here are some close-ups (I was playing with the backgrounds.)

Susanna Porob

Susanna Porob

Susanna Porob

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Beneath – IF

Little was it known among her kin, that Hetty, the witch, was a surfer at heart.

She loved the feel of the moonlight around her and the cool water beneath her, as she swept elegantly across the sparkling lake, sturdily balanced on her trusty broom.

Yes… I said ‘lake,’ for Hetty lived no where near the sea…

(Excerpt from the fictitious children’s fiction book: Hetty Finds The Sea by Yours Truly.)
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Old-fashioned – IF

Its harvest season in my old-fashioned terrarium where a little community of gatherers grow…

Live on each other, they do not.

For each other, they do a lot.

My woodland terrarium – our changing world’s last soft spot.

Had to put in some close-ups for a better view of the details.

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Acrobat – IF

Susanna Porob

Barry looked at the bees with a frown. How could he get rid of them so that he could play outside again?

Barry had a brilliant idea. He would vacuum all the bees up, just like mum. She was always talking about how it caught the dust bunnies under the sofa!

But they were high up in the tree. He couldn’t reach that high!

Barry had another brilliant idea. He brought out an old wooden crate and placed it under the tree. He turned on the vacuum cleaner and then climbed on the box, carefully balancing himself like an acrobat, so as not to fall off.

Barry was so excited. His brilliant plan was going to work. Soon he would be rid of the pesky bees…

…Or would he?

(From the Tales of Brilliant Barry – a figment of a writer’s imagination.)

Leave a comment – do!

If you feel like it – leave two!

Your wondrous words of wisdom

Is ponderous food for my system.

And for this, in advance,

I thank you!

Susanna Porob

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Proverb revamped

Susanna Porob

Here’s the painterly version of the previous upload. I love the painterly effect and simply could not leave the piece to fend for itself. 🙂

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Proverb – IF

Susanna Porob

Need I say more? 🙂

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Dessert – IF

Little Molly Muffet didn’t listen to her mother when she was told not to take her dessert (curds and whey, of course) up to the attic. Molly loved dressing up and pretending to be Ms. Muffet, and she didn’t want to stop… that is until the big red spider popped out for a taste!

So I’d say that little Ms. Muffet got her just ‘desserts

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Immovable – IF

I’m still here! 😀

Took longer than I expected to bounce back from our holiday. It was a terrific break but now I’m back – I’m focused and I’m ready, willing and able!!!

And what better way to start afresh than with a nice, clean digestive system? Constipation was the first thing that popped into my head when I read the topic this week. So here’s my idea for ‘moving the immovable!’

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Summer Holiday

Hey all!

Just wanted to let you all know that I’m currently on vacation in Europe visiting family and friends, and will be away for a month.

 Thanks and stay safe.

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Diary – IF

How shocking, annoying and stomach-churning is it when a sibling steals your diary?!!

I slightly varied my technique on this one – worked on constructive overall layers, instead of one layer per body part (gasp! which is what I’ve been doing.)

It needs to be perfected, but I like the feel of it. I also finished it super-fast and it gives me an easy flexibility to make finer adjustments.

Let me know what you think.

Have a great creative week, everyone!

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IF -Giant

Welcome to Augustus Gloop’s dream… complete with jujube trees and a chocolate-fall.

Augustus Gloop from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl is one of my all time favorite books, simply because of the imagination it invokes.

Augustus was portrayed as a German in both movies, but not in the book. I left him as a German because I thought the lederhosen was cute. 🙂

The usual experiments went on with this piece. Did it work? You tell me.

Have a great creative week!

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