Ecological Disasters (IF – Prehistoric)

Susanna Porob

Ah yes – the Ecological Disasters that only a mom can love. ^-^ This is the name fondly given by my BFF.

I hope everyone is having a jolly, busy season!

Stay safe, everyone..


About Susanna Porob

I love illustrating and illustrations. I enjoy seeing things from a child's perspective and giving children the eye-candy that draws them in
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3 Responses to Ecological Disasters (IF – Prehistoric)

  1. Anna says:

    yeah, only moms can love it coz only moms can scratch it from their back ;-))))
    I love the illo !!!! it’s so funny – you can see from their faces that it is ED 🙂
    AND compliments and admiration for moms who raised children without pampers !!

  2. Amalou says:

    Looks like nothing’s really changed since the stone age in regards to the way kids behave. Nice work 🙂

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