Acrobat – IF

Susanna Porob

Barry looked at the bees with a frown. How could he get rid of them so that he could play outside again?

Barry had a brilliant idea. He would vacuum all the bees up, just like mum. She was always talking about how it caught the dust bunnies under the sofa!

But they were high up in the tree. He couldn’t reach that high!

Barry had another brilliant idea. He brought out an old wooden crate and placed it under the tree. He turned on the vacuum cleaner and then climbed on the box, carefully balancing himself like an acrobat, so as not to fall off.

Barry was so excited. His brilliant plan was going to work. Soon he would be rid of the pesky bees…

…Or would he?

(From the Tales of Brilliant Barry – a figment of a writer’s imagination.)

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Susanna Porob


About Susanna Porob

I love illustrating and illustrations. I enjoy seeing things from a child's perspective and giving children the eye-candy that draws them in
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10 Responses to Acrobat – IF

  1. Kurtis says:

    Great illustration and great story Susanna! I am curious what will happen to Barry, you should continue the story.

  2. Anna says:

    great idea and perfect illustration! yes, you should continue this story…. 🙂

  3. ha ha ha! Barry is a smart little guy! yes, my children hate the bees. i will have to show them this! so clever.

  4. Vanita says:

    What’s next for Barrie? Look forward to a continuing series 🙂

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  6. t’s such a tickety-boo site. imaginary, very interesting!!!


    Opony Mozgowe


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