Paisley – IF

Every time I finish an illustration for IF, I heave a huge sigh of relief that I managed to squeeze it in at a fairly decent time during the week. And I also typed that line every single time, and deleted it.  But this time, I’m leaving it in. 🙂

My brain’s not functioning on all batteries, so I’ll cut the banter.

Hope y’all are having a very productive week!


About Susanna Porob

I love illustrating and illustrations. I enjoy seeing things from a child's perspective and giving children the eye-candy that draws them in
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6 Responses to Paisley – IF

  1. Ria says:

    🙂 love the skirt!

  2. jack foster says:

    Wow Susanna!!! That skirt is amazing! Looks silky and what a beautiful paisley design. Very terrific! I love the way you do your trees in the background too! Nice!!

  3. Hya Susana. Another successful work I’d say. Lots of joy, I really love the trees the hair and the swirl of the skirt. Plus you have wonderful colour sense.

  4. @Jack – I always look forward to a visit from you because you always comment on the elements that I work on the hardest. I haven’t hit ‘Illustratordom’ yet, but when I get a validation on those particular elements, then I know I’m doing something right. Thanks, Jack.

    @Andrew – You make my day, as always. You’re straight about what is and what’s not, and that’s what I need if I’m to get better at this. I’ll definitely be reworking the bear and the lion. Thanks!!

  5. Sara Gancho says:

    Love the texture feel in it 🙂

  6. Mary Jane says:

    What a lovely swirly skirt with a perfect paisley pattern for the IF.
    She looks positively radiant and seems so happy to be wearing it. It must be magic!
    And thanks for coming by my blog last week.

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