So here I am… Week 2 of accounting for my progress.

What I did last week:

1. I made myself a new blog header – which I liked so much that I’m sharing it here – simply because you can’t see it on my blog anymore. That is because after I made it, I saw this WordPress theme… which brings me to number…

…2. I really liked and felt it suited the purpose of my illustration blog until I have a proper portfolio going on.

3. After a whole weekend of trying, I finally got this blog to appear at (If you clicked that, welcome back! LOL) I don’t know what I was doing wrong but FatCow (my webhost) fixed it for me – minutes after I talked myself into letting them help me. Their customer service is awesome and I pledge to hereby never let two days pass before I call them again, simply because I want to do it myself. 😦 (Not too happy about that, but that’s what this Sycophant rant is for, right? Reality check knocking!)

4. I managed to get a late, late entry into Illustration Friday. And that’s definitely another portfolio piece, bringing my grand total to 3. Argh!

So that’s it for Week 2.

What did I learn?

(Insert deep, booming voice here)

Thou shalt not leapeth into an idea because thou deemeth it good at that time. Thou shalt store it in a store-away ‘hat’ because thou always cometh up with a better plan/idea in a couple of days and then the first one is condemned as time wasted.

(Exit deep, booming voice)

Some things that I have to accomplish in Week 3 are:

1. A new background for my Twitter page. Its nauseatingly pink right now (don’t go look at it just because you want to agree with me!)

2. Get my entry into IF by Tuesday, latest!

3. Do one other illo…

4. Explore the world of

(5. No more additives in the slow-cooker!!)

Wishlist (<– this is a hint for my dh, so the rest of you- skip to the end):

1. One Wacom tablet, please. My illustration world would be grateful. 😉

Onwards and upwards.

No songs today – only Tweet Deck tweeting in the background.

Have a Gre@t-ive week!


(PS: Here’s the header that you won’t see on my blog until I learn CSS 😉 Yes, that’s a neatened version of my desk (what you don’t see here is my bills, stapler, speakers, photo blocks and a calendar.) And yes, the mice on the sketch pad are an actual sketch of mine waiting to be brought alive.


About Susanna Porob

I love illustrating and illustrations. I enjoy seeing things from a child's perspective and giving children the eye-candy that draws them in
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