A Calligraphic Update

I haven’t uploaded anything all week and just thought I should come by and explain why. I’m working on my website and its taking longer than I expected. The last time I did a website was 10 years ago (other than free websites which are sooo easy to set up) and well, things have changed. You’d think it would go faster than it did 10 years ago but along with the changes in usability (is that a word?), things have also gotten more high-tech with language that I can’t seem to wrap my head around. I definitely need a ‘How to Build a Website For Dummies’ book – if one exists. 🙂

All I want to do is draw, but this is a step I have to take if I want to become what I want to become. So there’s no way around it. Onward and upward! I’m hoping to have it up by this week.

I still have to work on pieces to upload as part of my portfolio. Since I’ve found a style that I like, none of my other pieces seem to fit the bill. So that’s there too – but I’ll only start once I get the website done. Considering it my reward. 🙂

Yep – so that’s me for now but here are a couple of calligraphic pieces I had worked on some time back.


This one was a sappy love letter that won me a all-expense paid trip for two to Paris. It was a Valentines Day competition sponsored by ST DuPont. They kept the original, so I redid another one. I color-washed the background before doing the artwork and then writing it out by hand. No place for mistakes. I took a close-up of it, but you still can’t make out the detail of the work that’s gone into the first letter of each paragraph. I’m so glad hubby made me do it again, while I still had the sketches and roughs. 🙂



This was another piece I did to commemorate our first year together. Its all love quotations with a major quote in the middle written in the shape of a heart and with a faded middle, and the dedication and sources of the quotes. I used watercolor as my medium – couldn’t get ink to give me the faded old-age look that I wanted. There’s a color-wash on this one too. Can’t see it too well in this photo.

I definitely need to work on my lighting and stuff for better photos.

So that’s my update for this week.

Can’t procrastinate anymore. Back to my website.

I hope everyone is great. Stay safe.




About Susanna Porob

I love illustrating and illustrations. I enjoy seeing things from a child's perspective and giving children the eye-candy that draws them in
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2 Responses to A Calligraphic Update

  1. Anna says:

    hey don’t worry everything must be perfect so it takes time
    I love waht you’re doing, letters are work of art!!!!!!!!

  2. Niranjan says:

    I love them both sis.. all the best with the website..

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