Ice cream

I think I’ve finally found my style. I did this entire piece on the Mac – no sketching, no planning. I was just trying out different styles this morning – noses, eyes, shades, colour combinations and this piece more or less into place. It was my quickest piece yet considering I was only fooling around. Just goes to show – sometimes you need to break free and just do what you feel like doing. I honestly feel I’ve taken a step forward with the way this one turned out – YAY!!!

Song in my head – Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Bobby McFerrin… because that’s the song Brayden’s soloing in his school concert and we’ve been listening to it endlessly.

Have a nice weekend everyone and as always, please leave a comment.

Ice cream

Anyone for Ice cream?


About Susanna Porob

I love illustrating and illustrations. I enjoy seeing things from a child's perspective and giving children the eye-candy that draws them in
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7 Responses to Ice cream

  1. Anna says:

    and of course as always good work! very good! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much! 🙂

  3. nina seven says:

    thanks so much for your comment. your ice cream piece is great. best of luck to you in your new style!

  4. Ashwin says:

    Great one…This is one of the better best from the rest of the best….Keep up the good work & keep going………….

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, guys. Means a lot. 🙂

  6. Niranjan says:

    I like this one. Its colourful and does match the theme.. and yes it quite close to what we are experiencing over here weather wise.. and a major improvement overall.

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