This was the version that took up my whole week. Maybe I got fed up with looking at it too long and needed a break from it or maybe my moth needed to be a spider all along. LOL. So I broke away and redid the entire  thing which is what you see in ‘Rescued’ which is also why I named it in the past tense. 😉

But again, I couldn’t let my characters never see the internet! So here it is…

You decide. Tell me which one’s better – ‘Rescue’ or ‘Rescued.’

Song in my head – A Whole New World (from Aladdin.)


About Susanna Porob

I love illustrating and illustrations. I enjoy seeing things from a child's perspective and giving children the eye-candy that draws them in
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2 Responses to Rescue

  1. Anna says:

    very nice!!!, All the details are worked out – I couldn’t find anything ;-)))

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