Happy New Year!

Hey everyone!

I’ve done it again. MIA without an explanation. I’m really sorry.

The thing is my old employer called me back to work, and I loved that place so much, I simply couldn’t refuse.

So I’m working again. Still need to find my ‘sea-legs’ though. I haven’t done a single illustration since I went back, and I miss it – a lot!

Give me a little time… new routines, new procedures. I’ll get started soon enough.

Thank you so much bearing with me.

That said – I wish you all the ultimate best for 2012, and hope that this is the year you will realise your dreams.

Stay safe.


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Its Diwali!

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights, and marks the New Year. It is traditional to light as many lamps (called Diyas) as one can, outside, inside and around the home. If you’d like to find out more about this beautiful festival, go here.


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Mother Duck said ‘Quack, Quack’

Here’s the latest. I changed the line slightly… just found this a cuter combination of words. 🙂

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Lion Painter

Just a quick spot illustration. 🙂

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I have never worked on such a huge piece before. I’m talking details. But being a detail-person, I enjoyed every step. 🙂 I added a couple of screenshots, so that you can see everything a bit better.

So here it is… The Wayward Inn, on Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

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More like a battle of ferociousness. Everyone’s mad at Fox’s and Wolf’s attempts in proving to each other that each is a badder bad guy. Its only a matter of time before their race deviates them, straight out of town.


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Sailing Ducks

… for want of a more imaginative name. ^__^

This is what I worked on all last week, thanks Adobe Illustrator not wanting to cooperate. It kept crashing on me, making me reconstruct certain elements over and over and over again. 😦

Anyway, here it is…

Now that my portfolio is online, I’m working towards adding more and more to it, and squeeze in time somewhere in between to get all the licensing ideas down on paper.

In case you missed it, I have a Facebook page. Join me there for more regular updates, random musings, venting or to just chat. Here’s the link.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

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My portfolio is up!

Yay!!! Finally. 🙂

I only found 13 artworks to be worthy of it. But I’ll be adding more and keep it constantly evolving. The Licensing page is still under construction but I’ve already got plenty of sketches just begging to be drawn up.

My main intention was to get my portfolio up and running, so that I have a proper home to add my main pieces to.

So… umm. Announcement over. Back to work. ;D

Oops! Almost forgot. In case you didn’t already know, its at http://susannaporob.com

Have a nice day, all!

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Get Well Soon – Reworked

I’ve been dying to experiment with collages, and decided to finally take the plunge. So I reworked an old piece.

Get Well SoonI’m much happier with it now. 🙂

Now I’m going to redo a few of the old ones in the same way, so that I can include them in my portfolio.

Back to my Happy Corner. 🙂

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Where I’ve been…

Well, I can’t really say where I’ve been… you know how it goes, right? Confidentiality and all that. But I’ve been given permission to show this screenshot of what I’ve been working on for a Kindergarten.

Book sampleI really need to pull my whole website portfolio together… Only I’ve been saying that for a year now. Yikes! Time flies when you’re having fun! 🙂

Just want to say thank you once again, to everyone whose been faithfully visiting my blog, even though I haven’t been posting anything, and I’m relieved that I can at least give you a tiny explanation of why I’ve been quiet.

Stay safe!

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Its been a long time…

Where did the months go?! That was an awfully long time to leave that Christmas background up, but I’m sorry to see it go.

Just a quick note to say I’m still here and still around… just that things have gotten increasingly busy and I haven’t been able to keep up with this page. I’m hoping to get back into illustrating ASAP, but for now, I just wanted to thank everyone ❤ who keeps coming here and still checking on me – even though I haven’t posted anything new since December.

Come back soon! 🙂

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Caring For Your Pet Lion

Susanna Porob

This is one of the tactics that the famous lion tamer, Evor Gabor, employs, to brush Sasha’s teeth. It makes it far more pleasant, when he puts his head in Sasha’s mouth.

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Running Phenomenon – IF

Susanna Porob

So here’s the final of the work-in-progress, after a few tweaks and color.

It just happened to fit this week’s IF theme (after a slight stretch of the imagination. ) 🙂

On a different note – in case anyone’s missed it, you should go check out Holli Conger’s Illustration Tips. She’s posting a tip for every day of December and is open to questions of Facebook. I don’t need to emphasise what a wealth of information and experience she’s so generously sharing. So go check it out!

That said – back to work! 🙂

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More Sketches

Susanna Porob

This was the roughest-of-rough sketches in my sketchbook.

Next came the refining with the help of tracing paper.

Susanna Porob

The first one is with details added on.

The back leg looked awry, so the second one is with this modification and few other refined details. I need to adjust the front foot as well. The angle’s not right, but Ill do that in Illustrator.

I’ll ink it in Illustrator and have it up in my next post, hopefully with some colour. ^_^

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Susanna Porob

Just a little sketching to fill the time when my son was in the pool. I got him to call out an animal at random and just drew it. Maybe these can be licensed one day? I don’t know… For now, they’re just me getting some sketch-urges out of my system. 🙂

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Ecological Disasters (IF – Prehistoric)

Susanna Porob

Ah yes – the Ecological Disasters that only a mom can love. ^-^ This is the name fondly given by my BFF.

I hope everyone is having a jolly, busy season!

Stay safe, everyone..

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Savour – IF

Susanna Porob

Click for a larger view of all the details. 🙂

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Ice-Skating Hippos

Susanna Porob

Click for a larger view. 🙂

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Grandpa’s New Friend (Sneaky – IF)

Susanna Porob

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… and the band played on

Susanna Porob

Click for the bigger picture. ^_^

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